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How do I get an EPA ID number?

There are several different types of EPA ID numbers. Some ID numbers are issued when a permit is granted and many EPA permit programs are administered at the state level. In many cases they are the first point of contact for obtaining permits and ID numbers. You may also want to inquire with your state agency about any state permits, regulations, etc. that may pertain to your business or activities.


For information about air permits, please visit EPA's Website for Permitting Under the Clean Air Act.

Wastewater discharge permits are handled under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program. In most cases, the NPDES permit program is administered by authorized states.

Hazardous Waste

For information about EPA ID numbers associated with hazardous waste, please see the following frequent question:

EPA issues Pesticide-Producing Establishment numbers for facilities where pesticides or pesticide devices are produced. These facilities include foreign establishments that import pesticides and/or devices to the United States.

For information on registering pesticide products, please see the following FAQs:

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
Companies or people who have PCB transformers must register them with the EPA using form 7720-12, PCB Transformer Registration. Any company or person conducting business involving the disposal of PCBs or conducting research and development involving PCBs must notify the EPA using form 7710-53, Notification of PCB Activity and receive an ID number.

For more information on registering PCB activity, please see the PCBs Home page


Please see the following frequent question for information about certification:

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