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Where can I learn about pest control for my home and pets?

EPA is responsible for ensuring that all pesticides sold in the United States, when they are used according to label directions and precautions, do not cause unreasonable risks. Find information about home pesticide use and safety at:

EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs provides information for consumers who may need to use pesticides in their homes. Guidance is available for dealing with indoor pests, such as rodents, bed bugs, or mosquitoes, outdoor pests in lawns and gardens, as well as for protecting pets.

If you are a veterinarian and want to report an incident, EPA recommends you use the National Pesticide Information Center’s Pesticide Adverse Effects Reporting portal to report incidents.

There is also information available about reducing the risk of pesticide poisoning in children, as well as information about consuming food and drinking water that has been treated with pesticides.

If you have further questions you can contact the Office of Pesticide Programs:



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    Informative post!! Was really troubled with pests in my home then came to know about heat treatment for bed bugs. Tried that with help of my mom and was very happy to see best results. Will recommend my friend too who is facing same problem.

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