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I am a student now, but how can I plan for a career with EPA or as an environmentalist?

EPA employs many people across the country, including our headquarters offices in Washington, DC, 10 regional offices, and more than a dozen labs. Our staff are highly educated and technically trained; more than half are engineers, scientists, and policy analysts. In addition, a large number of employees are legal, public affairs, financial, information management and computer specialists. 
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We are unable to give advice regarding which major you should study or which university you should attend.  EPA staff includes people with these career fields and positions:

  • accountants and budget specialists,
  • administrative support specialists,
  • attorneys,
  • biologists,
  • chemists,
  • communications and public affairs specialists,
  • contracts specialists,
  • ecologists,
  • economists,
  • epidemiologists,
  • engineers
  • financial specialists,
  • grants management specialists,
  • human resources specialists,
  • information technology specialists,
  • intelligence research specialists,
  • lab technicians,
  • librarians,
  • life scientists,
  • management analysts,
  • physical scientists, and
  • social scientists.

We recommend you search the job opportunities within EPA and determine what criteria would be necessary for the jobs you may be interested in. 

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