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Is the information, pictures or logos on the EPA Web site or in EPA brochures copyrighted?

Copyright Protection

According to the United States Code Title 17, Section 105, copyright protection is not provided for any work produced by the United States Government.

However, if the government document contains any materials produced by sources other than the United States Government, this material may be protected by copyright. If this is the case, you will need to contact the producer of the material in order to obtain permission or details on the information it contains. In most EPA publications the producing office is listed in the upper right hand corner.

See: EPA's Organizational Chart to determine who may have produced a publication

EPA Logo

The EPA logo cannot be released for any commercial purposes and the written policy (EPA Order 1015.2a) "prohibits reproduction and/or use of the symbol for commercial purposes."

See: EPA History: Origins of the EPA Seal

Questions regarding non-commercial use of the logo can be directed to Belinda Blackman in the Office of Public Affairs at:

Office of Public Affairs
Ariel Rios Building
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW (1701)
Washington, DC 20460

When contacting her please explain the rationale, purpose and use for the logo. 

Find technical information and electronic versions of the EPA seal and logo    

Note: to download the files, you will need an ID and password which can be obtained from Belinda Blackman.


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