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Where can I find information on the risks of living near electrical power lines? What about the safety of products that emit radiation?

“Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a combination of electric and magnetic fields of energy that surround any electrical device that is plugged in and turned on.... EMFs are [also] found near power lines and other electronic devices such as smart meters. Electric and magnetic fields become weaker as you move further away from them. The fields from power lines and electrical devices have a much lower frequency than other types of EMF, such as microwaves or radio waves. EMF from power lines is considered to be extremely low frequency. Scientific studies have not clearly shown whether exposure to EMF increases cancer risk. Scientists continue to conduct research on the issue.

In the United States, there are no federal standards limiting electromagnetic fields from power lines and other sources to people at work or home. Some states set standards for the width of right-of-ways under high-voltage transmission lines because of potential for electric shock.” 

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