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Does the EPA certify any products?

The EPA does not certify any products, however it does require certain products to be certified by independent entities. Some of these products include:

  • WaterSense Products
    EPA requires all products bearing the WaterSense label to be independently certified. The WaterSense Product Certification System outlines the process and procedures for the product certification to ensure that all WaterSense labeled products meet EPA's criteria for efficiency and performance.
  • ENERGY STAR Products
    To ensure consumer confidence in the ENERGY STAR label and to protect the investment of ENERGY STAR manufacturing partners, EPA requires all ENERGY STAR products to be third-party certified. Products are tested in an EPA-recognized laboratory and reviewed by an EPA-recognized certification body before they can carry the label.
  • Safer Choice Products
    To earn permission to place the Safer Choice label on products, a manufacturer must disclose all product ingredients, without exception. This disclosure requirement includes ingredients supplied by third parties that are proprietary and not disclosed to the manufacturer; the third parties send the information directly to the Safer Choice Program.
  • SmartWay Technologies 
    SmartWay verifies technologies based on measured fuel savings and/or other criteria described herein. EPA does not guarantee any performance or claims by the manufacturer, and the described performance is only applicable when the technology is installed and used in accordance criteria described herein. While EPA may request related information, verification is not an indication of endorsement, safety, regulatory, compliance or other performance consumers should consider. Manufacturers, installers, and consumers must comply with all applicable local, state, and federal safety regulations.
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