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How should I clean up a sewage spill in or around my home?

Your state or county health department may have suggestions on how to clean up after a sewage spill. Contact information for state and county government agencies can be located using these guides:

Here are several examples:

The EPA's Office of Wastewater Management provides information on several related subjects, including:

If the sewage spill is related to a flooded septic system, see SepticSmart Homeowners.

Flooding and damp conditions can also lead to mold, a possible health hazard. EPA's Indoor Air - Mold page provides an introduction to mold, and provides access to related resources, including "A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home"

For more information on mold and other indoor air issues, contact the EPA's Office of Radiation and Indoor Air or use the map to locate a Regional EPA office.

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