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How do I know what materials are recyclable in my community, and where can I take these materials to be recycled?

Most communities employ recycling coordinators—government officials who have information on local recycling resources—who can answer specific questions about recycling and waste management in your city or town. To find your recycling coordinator, you can contact the relevant city or county government office (often called Department of Sanitation or Department of Public Works).

Additional sites that may be useful:

  • Earth911 allows you to type in your ZIP code or find your state on a map to locate recycling centers in your community for all types of recyclables. Exit

Your local recycling program should be able to provide you with a list of materials that can be collected for recycling in your community.

The EPA Office of Wastes provides a list of common recyclable materials.
See: Common Recyclable Materials

WasteWise provides assistance for business and organizations.

You may also find the basics of recycling on the EPA website.
See: Recycling Basics 

For information on recycling electronics, see: EPA's Electronics Donation and Recycling 

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