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How can I find environmental compliance information about particular companies or cleanup information about particular sites?

Environmental compliance information can be found using the following EPA resources:

  • Cleanups In My Community is used to map and list areas where pollution is being or has been cleaned up throughout the United States. Find your community and drill down to cleanup specifics about: Sites, facilities and properties under EPA's Superfund, RCRA and/or Brownfields cleanup programs or Federal facilities under EPA's Superfund and/or RCRA cleanup programs.
  • EJSCREEN is an environmental justice mapping and screening tool that provides EPA with a nationally consistent dataset and approach for combining environmental and demographic indicators.
  • Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) is used to determine whether compliance inspections have been conducted by EPA or state/local governments. It also shows whether enforcement actions were taken and penalties were assessed in response to environmental law violations.
  • Envirofacts Data Warehouse is an application that allows users to access several EPA databases in order to view information about environmental activities that may affect air, water and land anywhere in the United States. Envirofacts allows users to learn about environmental activities in their area or generate maps of environmental information.
  • EnviroMapper is a tool that allows users to map various types of environmental information, including air releases, drinking water, toxic releases, hazardous wastes, water discharge permits and Superfund sites. Maps can be created at the national, state and county levels, and linked to environmental text reports.
  • Facility Registry System (FRS) is a centrally managed database that identifies facilities, sites or places subject to environmental regulations or of environmental interest. FRS creates high-quality, accurate, and authoritative facility identification records through rigorous verification and management procedures that incorporate information from program national systems, state master facility records, data collected from EPA's Central Data Exchange registrations and data management personnel. The FRS provides Internet access to a single integrated source of comprehensive (air, water, and waste) environmental information about facilities, sites or places.  
  • My Environment is a web-based tool that features a wide range of information about environmental conditions in an area of your choice. This tool integrates EPA and other resources through a single mash-up display of environmental information, e.g. MyAir, MyWater, MyHealth.
  • My Right-To-Know (MyRtk) App: a website designed for mobile devices that lets users locate and learn about industrial facilities that use or manufacture toxic chemicals and are regulated under air, water, or hazardous waste environmental laws. myRTK primarily presents TRI chemical release and waste management information.
  • The Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA), working in partnership with EPA regional offices, state governments, tribal governments and other federal agencies, ensures compliance with the nation's environmental laws. Employing an integrated approach of compliance assistance, compliance incentives and innovative civil and criminal enforcement, OECA and its partners seek to maximize compliance and reduce threats to public health and the environment. Find OECA contacts by topic if you have further questions.
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